Newport Beach Breast Augmentation Surgery

Today women have many choices available to them when considering breast augmentation. Some women never develop to be the shape and size that they desire, and seek surgical enhancement to augment their natural breasts. Additionally, many women experience loss of breast fullness post partum or after breast feeding or weight loss and have noticed that their breasts have lost their shape and have flattened and moved lower on their chest wall.

breast augmentation before and after view
Before and After

Depending on how much droop or “ptosis” exists, they have a choice between implants alone to fill the lost volume, or a breast lift in addition to the breast augmentation. Occasionally when there is sufficient breast tissue remaining but excess sagging skin is the problem, a “lift” is all that is required to return to the more youthful, fuller, higher positioned breast. This is performed by excision of only excess skin and relocation of the breast tissue to a higher position. This procedure preserves all breast tissue, therefore the breasts retain their size but attain a better shape higher on the chest wall.

More than 2 million women have breast implants either for reconstruction or for enlargement. Women today who are 22 years or older have a choice between saline and silicone gel implants which come in a variety of implant sizes and contours. The majority of women who have breast implants have not experienced any serious adverse effects and have been very satisfied with their results. Women who are considering breast augmentation surgery should be thoroughly advised of all the possible risks involved and have the ability to discuss in detail with her surgeon what look they are looking to achieve, as well as any questions or concerns they may have. When referred from our blog site, Dr. Bandy offers a complimentary individual evaluation for women considering breast enhancement surgery, either breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation. Dr. Bandy is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and a Fellow of the American Academy of Surgeons.